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Virtuaclass is a powerful suite of e-learning tools and expertise
that allow you to learn or teach online in whatever way suits you.

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Teachers & Tutors:


Flexibility, Precision & Performance

Virtuaclass is built for you as an individual to find the right elearning fit for you to get the results you want.

Targeted Discovery

Find the specific tutor or pupil, course or class to suit your needs. Search & filter Virtuaclass according to you.

Paying for Passion

Virtuaclass rewards passionate tutors, educators & learners alike with incentives, coupons & merchandise.

Your Device Fits

We build virtuaclass to be very flexible, with devices, network connections & speeds in mind.

Deep Metrics & Stats

Virtuaclass has built in metrics & results analysis. Tweak your use until you get your desired results.
Learning on Virtuaclass

Virtuaclass Helps You Learn Your Way

The Virtuaclass team includes experts in education, learning and tutoring that bring their experience to make sure that each individual learner can use Virtuaclass to help them learn to the best of their ability.

Written & Video


In person & online


Testing & Gamification

Educate on Virtuaclass

We value our educators

Whether you are an in person tutor, course facilitator or full time teacher on Virtuaclass you are royalty. We know all teachers aren't created equal and all courses don't get the same results so we make it a point to listen to our educators and improve our platform, their experience and their lives.

Simple Pay Outs

Get paid how you want, how much you want and when you want. No bank account needed.

Teaching Assistance

Keep track of students, marks, reports, tests and curriculum progress easily & effectively.

Smart Assessment

Assess learning traits, participation, enjoyment, speed, concept not just pass or fail %.
Virtuaclass is growing

E-Learning Today... E-Education Tomorrow

Virtuaclass is an e-education platform. We are continuously developing Virtuaclass to redefine how our users learn and teach. In future we will include social learning, study groups and practicals but for now, sign up and help us learn, how to help you learn.
Coming Soon to Virtuaclass

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