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Learn or Teach
your way

Virtuaclass is powerful set of tools that help you to Learn or Teach online and offline. Virtuaclass supports instructors, tutors, teachers and parents for everything from traditional classes to courses and home schooling.

Secure Transactions

PayPal Payments
World Remit payouts
Mukuru Payouts
Paystack Payments

On and Offline support for E-Education

Whether you are in a school classroom or a fitness trainer from home, Virtuaclass has a variety of tools that support your instruction.


Find tutors and coaches near you for in person training or online for your topics.

Flexible Payment

Get paid anywhere by multiple pay out providers with great reputations.

Flexible Structure

Combine different tools and platforms to customize your learning or teaching.

A.I. Assistance

Use artificial intelligence to create the best course content for your students.

People with a passion for people

Virtuaclass is about people who want to share their humanity with others. From life coaches who want to help you achieve your potential to programmers who want to share their love of tech - everyone belongs in a Virtuaclass.
"Teaching and Learning is a Never Ending Relationship"

Focus on Your Passion

Virtuaclass automates administration, marking and teaching assistance so you can concentrate on what you love.

Safety as a Priority

Virtuaclass has built in saftey measures to safeguard against abuse and malicious members. Report anything suspicious.

Always Improving

Virtuaclass is under continuous development. That means our team is always working on it. Check out the roadmap.

You Have a Say

Virtuaclass takes your feedback and uses to improve. Our platform was built out of wanting to take the bad out of knowledge sharing.

We Love What We Do

Virtuaclass is driven by putting your learning experience 1st. Our tools take the work out of learning and teaching so that passion takes over. People who love to teach passing on knowledge to people who want to learn.
  • "Virtuaclass extends the reach of my lectures so that I can mentor budding creators I would never have reached on my own."
    Jacques Samson